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About Dr. Roundy

Dr. Lindsi Roundy, a Utah native, is a board certified pediatrician and her big (and sad?) claim to fame is that she went from preschool through residency in a 20-mile-radius, unexpectedly settling at a practice just 2 blocks from where she graduated High School. She made the decision to go to college and pursue a career in medicine after her oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism. She completed her undergraduate studies, medical school and residency training through the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children’s Hospital.

She loves caring for children, especially routine newborn care, (knowing there is nothing routine about adding a new little human to your family) and has a special interest in NICU follow-up care and breastfeeding medicine/lactation.

Lindsi and her husband have three adorably crazy kids. She and her husband (who is a theoretical physicist) embrace their nerdism and while she’d love to someday be “Utah outdoorsy”, what she really loves is reading fantasy fiction and always enjoys a good game of Dungeons and Dragons.