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Nitrous Oxide

When should nitrous oxide be used, what are the benefits, and is it safe for your child?

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Dental Growth Chart

When does a baby get their first teeth? How many teeth should a three-year-old have? What about a ten-year-old?

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Fluoride Therapy

Did you know benefits of regular fluoride application extend beyond strengthening teeth, and can even prevent premature tooth loss?

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Dental Schedule

This reference chart details the frequency and goals of a dental checkup at each age. Hint: they’re all unique!

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Speech Milestones

What should my child be able to say at each age? When do toddlers learn to make each kind of sound and how much does my baby understand?

Articles by FFP Oral Health Providers

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Shark Teeth

“Shark Teeth” is a term used by dentists to describe new teeth growing behind baby teeth. If you notice that your child has shark teeth, here are a couple of tips for removal.

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How do Cavities REALLY form? The (Gross) Truth

Explaining the whys and hows of good oral healthcare to children often results in describing a tooth monster. An alternative and effective technique to promote good oral hygiene is to break down how cavity formation happens. This post describes the process and how to avoid cavity formation.

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