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Judith Kolberg

Kathleen G Nadeau, Ph.D

Book Cover: ADD Quick Tips

Carla Crutsinger

Debra Moore

Cindy Goldrich

Janet E. Heininger, Ph.D

Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed.

Articles by FFP Counselors

Child with anxiety.

Helping Kids and Teens Manage Anxiety

Recognizing the difference between feelings of worry and chronic anxiety in children can be difficult. Children experience a wide range of emotions and may feel overwhelmed by school, extracurricular activities, and more. This article offers tips on recognizing childhood anxiety and suggestions on treating it.

External Website Recommendations

These resources contain multiple articles, screenings, and tips for parents on pediatric and adolescent ADHD.

A non-profit organization. Information available about local support groups, parent to parent training, conferences, etc.

This site offers access to parent resources and education. They also host regular events. offers resources, courses and coaching for parents.