Plan Your Teleheath Visit

Telehealth offers the same quality of care from the same team of pediatric providers.

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Telehealth visits are convenient, secure, and easy:

  • Your health information stays as secure as with an in-office visit.
  • Booking works the same way as in-office visits.
  • Most insurance carriers cover Telehealth visits.
  • You can save travel time and get answers quickly.

When is a Telehealth visit helpful?

When your child is ill and traveling to an office is inconvenient, Telehealth can be a great option for treating straightforward complaints. Telehealth is also great for managing ongoing conditions that require frequent, quick check-ins with a provider.

What are the limits of a Telehealth visit?
Serious illnesses, emergencies, and complex issues all require the help of an in-person provider. Also, there are limitations to what a provider can diagnose and prescribe via Telehealth since labs and vital signs cannot be taken remotely.

  • Some types of medications can be prescribed via Telehealth.
  • Controlled medications are never prescribed via Telehealth.
  • Antibiotics will only be prescribed when the provider deems them necessary.

If it appears that labs must be drawn (rapid strep, influenza, urinalysis) for a proper diagnosis, or a therapeutic shot (rocephin/decadron) given to treat the diagnosis, we can perform those procedures in the office at the discretion of the Telehealth provider. This type of visit can be handled by a nurse, is often faster than a typical visit, and does not include being seen by a provider.

How can I prepare for my Telehealth visit?
After booking your appointment, we’ll email you a link and instructions for your appointment. Our staff can guide you through any technical questions.

You’ll need the following items to start a Telehealth visit:

  • A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone device with a working camera and microphone
  • An updated web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or most smartphone browsers)
  • Your credit or debit card for payment

How do I book a Telehealth Visit?

Call or text the office that normally sees your child. The reception team can book your visit and will follow up with a link and instructions.

Schedule a Telehealth Visit

Same day are often possible for established patients.

Telehealth Questions & Answers

Call or text the office that normally sees your child. The reception team can book your visit and will follow up with a link and instructions.

No, we only treat patients under 21 years old.

Unfortunately, no. You must be a patient of record to book a Telehealth visit.

Legally, we may only treat a patient if they are in the state of Utah. If you’re not in Utah during the time of the visit, we cannot conduct a Telehealth visit.

Most insurance providers cover Telehealth visits and often the co-pay is lower. However, only your carrier can confirm the coverage and cost of a Telehealth visit.

We offer a prompt-pay discount for self-pay families, as well as a sliding scale option for families who qualify. Our billing department looks forward to answering your questions 801.254.5299. To schedule an appointment call or text 801.254.9700.