Pediatric Dentistry

Integrated Care to Smile About

When does an issue in your child’s mouth become a question for a dentist verses a pediatrician?

As a parent, you may not always know the answer—especially if your child has been injured. Our integrated approach to children’s health means your dentist can consult your pediatrician and vice versa. Each of our board-certified Pediatric Dentists works with an in-house team of pediatricians, so you can rest assured your child will receive the most comprehensive care possible.

This team approach includes shared space and coordination of care, so everything from routine dental visits to mouth-related traumas and orthodontic outcomes are all significantly improved. For parents, this translates to shorter waits, faster solutions, and less back-and-forth.

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Schedule a Dental Appointment

Same-day visits are almost always available for emergencies. We accept most insurances and we make it easy to plan those all-important cleanings.

Helping your child thrive, from birth to adulthood

Oral health begins as soon as your child is born and begins to eat. From infant consults to the first cleaning and on through the teen years, we’re here to help your child’s smile thrive.

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Routine Cleanings

There’s nothing dull about our “routine” cleanings. From the waiting room to the prize machine, our staff has tailored an experience to keep your kids engaged, relaxed, and having fun.

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Cavity Care

Cavities can sound scary, but you’re never alone. We offer a variety of pain management options to make the experience a breeze.

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Teens and parents alike can benefit from in-office and at-home whitening treatments to correct staining from foods and beverages.

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Because we’re integrated with a team or orthodontic specialists, we’re better able to refer your child for earlier interventions that can shorten and ease their total orthodontic treatment course.

See Our Team of Pediatric Dentists

With Medical, Counseling, and Oral Health Specialists, we are your child’s comprehensive medical home.

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Parent Feedback

We love FFP so much. Been taking our kids since 2014 and never had a negative experience. Kind staff and love our pediatrician who has great bedside manner and is attentive/thorough. Can’t say enough good things

—Allie B.

More Than “Just Teeth”

We all know that song about the foot bone behing connected to the leg bone. It’s no different with teeth. The mouth can be where other types of healthcare concerns present themselves. Everything from infections to speech to an infant’s ability to suckle overlaps with oral health.

Because our dental practice is integrated with pediatricians, lactation consultants, and orthodontists, our care is far beyond “standard.” Coordinated care means more frequent oral checks, cleanings during orthodontic checkups, earlier orthodontic consultations, and better all-around outcomes.

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