Orthodontic Care for the Whole Family

A More Convenient Way

When you have a child in braces, it can feel like you’re a taxi service. Multiply that by two or three kids, and it can feel like a part time job.

We know the teen years are particularly busy for parents and it’s why our certified orthodontic specialists chose to craft an integrated experience that combines state-of-the-art orthodontic services with pediatric dentists and pediatricians in one location. It’s also why we offer dental braces and Invisalign to adults as well. If you’re already bringing in your kids, it’s the perfect time to give your smile the upgrade you’ve always wanted.

Your child gets expert care from the team they’ve come to know, and you spend less time running around.

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Orthodontic solutions for every need

Braces have evolved rapidly in just a generation. Today’s kids and teens (and their parents) have a wide array of options to correct their bite and straighten their smiles.

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There is no one-size-fits-all braces solution. That’s why every orthodontic adventure begins with a personal consultation to develop the best treatment plan—for you, your child, or teen.

Orthodontist fits a mouthguard


Invisalign is an exciting alternative to classic braces and particularly appealing for adults. It’s an orthodontist-guided treatment that can work to straighten many types of smiles without wires or traditional braces.

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Customized Treatment

Our collaborative approach allows us to personalize care to all patients taking into consideration everything from medical needs to brushing compliance and even sensitive gag reflexes with our putty-free impressions.

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Two-phase Care

Did you know intervention by age 7 can shorten treatment times and improve overall results? With an early intervention we can act before your child loses all their baby teeth, then complete their treatment later.

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With Medical, Counseling, and Oral Health Specialists, we are your child’s comprehensive medical home.

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Parent Feedback

We love Families First! We have been going there for 9 years. We have even moved a few hours away from the nearest location, but we still go there! Dr. Zarbock has been the best provider for our kids. They get excited when we get to go to his office, even when scary shots are in order! He is so attentive, understanding, and fun; he knows how to connect with his patients. We have never had a bad experience at any location or with any of the other providers. They truly care about children's well being.

—Deanna McCurdy.

More Than Cosmetic

Correcting a smile and aligning a bite are more than cosmetic concerns. They set your child up for a lifetime of confident smiles, well-positioned teeth, and good oral health.

When teeth no longer overlap or become crowded, many common dental complaints—like cavities, jaw pain, bite pain, and infections—can be avoided.

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Pediatric Orthodontic Questions & Answers

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic consultation no later than age 7, even if there are no apparent problems.

Treatment needs and development differ for each person—especially children. Our orthodontist team’s goal is to provide the most appropriate treatment for each Patient at the most appropriate time. However, early intervention can shorten and improve the treatment of many problems. Contact us for a free orthodontic evaluation.

The local cost for orthodontic braces is between $5000-$6000 for treatment, typically taking around 24 months. Most insurance plans typically offer a maximum lifetime orthodontic benefit. On average, the insurance benefit is often less than 30-50% of the cost of treatment.

Yes, we offer interest-free payment options throughout your child’s treatment.