Lactation Assistance

Natural doesn’t mean it “comes naturally”

Whether you’re a first time parent or a seasoned parent, nursing concerns can take you by surprise. Many new parents feel frustrated or overwhelmed when breastfeeding doesn’t come as easily as they hoped, but it’s an incredibly common concern.

We’re passionate about helping moms and their partners become comfortable and confident breastfeeding pros. That’s why we have a team of IBCLC certified, in-house lactation consultants to give you and your baby a successful start.

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Meeting with one of our friendly, experienced lactation experts is easy—just request a lacation consultation visit when you call.

Experts in nursing and feeding

Our IBCLC certified Lacation Consultants are more than just highly experienced nurses. Most are mothers, and all have received additional training to help other moms succeed with nursing.

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Painful Nursing

Nursing isn’t supposed to be painful, and yet it’s one of the top complaints of first-time mothers. Early intervention to correct painful latch, blockages, or poor positioning can keep your breastfeeding plans on track.

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Low/High Interest

Having trouble getting baby to stay awake and eat? Or maybe she never wants to finish? It can be hard to know what’s normal. Often, one visit with an expert is enough to help new moms realize, “I’ve got this.”

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Latching Trouble

Painful nursing, low weight gain, and frustration are often the results of improper latch. Our experts and help teach you—and baby—what perfect latch feels like so you can move forward with a smile.

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Milk Supply

True supply issues aren’t that common, but it doesn’t stop many a mom from wondering if she has low supply. Your consultant can help you quickly determine whether there’s an issue and what to do about it.

See Our Team of IBCLC Certified Lactation Experts

With Medical, Counseling, and Oral Health Specialists, we are your child’s comprehensive medical home.

Nicki Cluff, RN, BSN, IBCLC


Whitney Thorn, RN-BSN IBCLC


Parent Feedback

Who would you trust with your 1 pound baby? What about your nine year old son or perhaps your four year old daughter with ADHD? I highly recommend Families First Pediatrics. We have seen several of their providers but have been a patient of Dr. Cox since 2011. He is very attentive, professional, caring and has always taken EXCELLENT care of our children. The office staff is friendly and caring and even the billing office is amazing. 😂. The office generally has same-day appointments available in emergencies which I have needed to use several times over the years. The office has also become very automated and up-to-date with their technology and communication abilities. I feel grateful to have such a AMAZING pediatricians office following my children’s health. It’s nice to know we have knowledgeable, professional and caring doctors who have never let us down in 13 years. Thank you so much family first especially Dr. Cox.

—Angie White.

Better, Together

When your infant’s pediatrician and your lacation consultant are on the same team, you can expect faster solutions.

Your providers can consult one another and follow-up to ensure your baby’s latch, weight gain, and appetite are all progressing. And, if there’s an issue inside baby’s mouth, you’ll also have access to laser-assisted pediatric dental providers right here in our offices. Corrective procedures like frenectomies can be done more quickly and with less pain than ever before.

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Lactation Assistance Questions & Answers

If you’re having any kind of feeding issues with your baby, your pediatric provider can refer you to one of our in-house Lactations Consultants. This appointment may be right after your baby’s well-check or you can come back at another time.

Typically, it does. But please verify your plan’s specific coverage details with your insurance carrier.

Your Lactation Consultant will chat with you about your concerns and may examine your baby’s mouth and tongue. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, she may weigh your baby before and after feeding or observe your baby’s latch. We have a comfy nursing chair and you’ll always be in a private room.

Our Lactation team is made of Registered Nurses who have done the additional training to become International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). They’re all experienced pediatric nurses who are passionate about helping moms and babies become a confident breastfeeding team.

Yes, depending on availability. Ask reception about a Lactation Consultation when you make your baby’s next appointment. If an IBCLC nurse isn’t available at that time, our scheduling team can work with you to find a convenient time.