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Little girl attending behavioral therapy

What to Expect in Behavioral Health Therapy

Caring for our mental health is important at every stage of life. It can be a positive experience that helps with healing, communication, and self-expression. If you’re considering obtaining services for your child from Family First Pediatrics, here are a few things to know.

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Brother and sister hug in field of flowers

Finding Health in Nature

Statistically, children in the U.S. spend more time on electronic devices than in nature. Interacting with nature through play or exploration can have many mental health and physical benefits.

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spilled milk

Talking about our feelings, why do we do it?

Reactions to our surroundings or circumstances can be overwhelming at times. Becoming aware of what we are experiencing and learning how to react in positive ways can impact those around us. Furthermore, learning to regulate our feelings can be a constructive example for children and adolescents.

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White cutouts of people with a colorful one in the middle.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The autism spectrum is expansive. Some parents might not be aware that their child is somewhere on the spectrum. Being aware of the symptoms can help parents obtain support. Here are some tips for the home and resources for testing and treatment.

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A parent comforting their adolescent child

Helping Our Kids Understand Their Emotions’

Understanding emotions can be difficult at any age; however, learning to identify what they’re feeling can be calming. Here are some techniques to start a dialogue at home. Additionally, we’re providing tips for parents to manage their own emotions.

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An adolescent girl sleeps on a couch.

The Importance of Adequate Sleep for Adolescents

Getting adequate sleep is of the utmost importance. Statistics show that adolescents are not getting enough of it. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences. Prioritizing sleep can improve daily activities and physical/emotional health.

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Little girl holds up a cartoon of a man and woman splitting up to symbolize divorce.

Divorce and Children

Divorce can be a difficult time for parents and children alike. Children may react in many ways depending on their age and other factors. Here are some tips to help ease the transition from pre-divorce to post-divorce.

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