The Flu Clinic is Open

Quick & Easy Flu Shots for the Whole Family

Vaccinating your child against the flu is one of the most effective ways to protect them from a severe flu infection. Given the flu’s potential complications in children, from hospitalizations to long-term health issues, a simple shot is a small step toward ensuring their health and well-being throughout the flu season.

How to Get Vaccinated

Current Patients

First Time Portal Users

Quickly and easily create a portal account with just your child’s name and an email address.

  1. Go to the Patient Portal.
  2. Follow the email instructions to set up your account.
  3. Schedule an appointment.

Established Portal Users

Create appointmens for each child, but complete one flu clinic form for your entire family.

  1. Log into your portal account.
  2. Create an appointment for each person wanting a flu shot/mist.
  3. Check email to find the flu clinic form.
  4. Complete one form for your family, ensuring all data is current and accurate.

New Patients

Call our office at (801) 254-9700, and we’ll help set up your patient portal account. Please complete the form below outside of office hours, and we’ll contact you.

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Questions & Answers

We accept most insurance plans. You can learn more here, and also check your specific plan by calling us at 801.254.5299.  We offer a prompt-pay discount for self-pay families, as well as a sliding scale option for families who qualify. Our billing department looks forward to answering your questions 801.254.5299. To schedule an appointment call or text 801.254.9700.
Most of our providers are currently accepting patients, though some may have full practices. To select a provider before making your first appointment, visit our Providers page. You can filter the providers by location and specialty. If you need any help, we’re happy to help you find a great provider. Just text us or call 801.254.9700.
If you’ve already identified the pediatric provider you’d like to see your newborn, the next steps are simple. Call the maternity department of the hospital where you plan to deliver and ask them to list your pediatrician of choice in your records. When you deliver, call or text us to set up that important first visit. At that time, our reception will send you an invitation via email to set up a Patient Portal account. From there, you’ll be able to fill out our New Patient Packet online, so everything is in place for the first appointment, and you won’t need to fill out the packet in the office.

Our healthcare providers all specialize in children’s health. Within pediatrics, we have four major specialties: medical, dental, orthodontia, and mental health. Having these four specialties in-house doesn’t just make us a unique medical home for your children—it delivers better healthcare for kids and exceptional convenience for parents.

Whether you’re bringing your three-day old baby or your three-year old toddler, many things are the same about a first appointment. Our welcoming staff will show you into one of our fun and colorful, themed exam rooms and your provider will spend time getting to know you and your child.

First-time visits come with extra paperwork, but it can all be completed online ahead of your visit. You can also print it and bring it with you. Your provider will take a full health history and he or she may have other screening forms they’d like for you to complete.