A little girl at a dentists' office looks at her teeth with a mirror.

Shark Teeth

“Shark Teeth” is a term used by dentists to describe new teeth growing behind baby teeth. If you notice that your child has shark teeth, here are a couple of tips for removal.

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A mother holds her infant.

Congenital Tear Duct Obstruction (Dacryostenosis)

Congenital Tear Duct Obstruction, or Dacryostenosis, is a benign condition that affects Newborns. It is often mistaken for infection. This article explains the differences between the two; however, checking in with your provider is recommended.

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A child plays at the airport.

Surviving Holiday Travel with Young Children

The holiday season is full of gatherings and celebrations; some celebrations require traveling to another place. Traveling might be especially challenging with young children. From airplanes to new beds, we offer tips to make traveling during the holidays easier.

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A baby is introduced to solid food.

Introducing Baby to Solid Food

Transitioning from breast milk and formula to solid foods is exciting for parents and babies. For new parents, it might be hard to discern which solid foods are age-appropriate. We have some suggestions for baby-friendly foods.

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A infant crying.

Surviving Colic

Continuous and intense crying characterizes Colic. A baby that develops Colic can cry persistently for up to 4 months. This crying could have devasting effects on parents. Although there is no cure for Colic, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This light could be coping strategies and optimism about the future.

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A baby sleeping.

Creating Healthy Sleep Habits For Your Kids

Getting adequate sleep is necessary for a child’s development. Creating good sleeping habits starting in infancy can positively impact a child’s health. This article provides information on good and bad sleeping habits and when to seek help.

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