A group High School seniors raise their graduation caps towards the sky.

To the Senior Class of 2022

Dedicated to the Senior Class of 2022, this post highlights the struggles young people are facing in this day and age. It also expresses the admiration we feel toward our youth. We wish you well as you continue your journey into adulthood.

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An adolescent boy doing homework.

Academics and Mental Health

Many factors impact a child or teen’s performance in school. Alongside the pressures of homework, socialization, college admittance, etc., kids can also have other difficulties like anxiety or family conflicts that worry them. Keeping an eye on your child’s mental health is of the essence. A supportive approach can improve academics and daily life.

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Mother comforts her bullied child.

Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

Bullying can cause many physical and emotional changes in a child. There are many reasons why a child might get bullied. As a parent, there are ways to be proactive about stopping bullying. Here are some signs to look out for and what you can do.

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