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Please note: Our therapists are an essential part of our integrated care model, and they treat patients referred by one of our pediatric medical providers. If you're interested in therapy, book an introductory medical appointment below.

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Bluffdale Counseling Therapy

Wendy Hernandez, CSW

Wendy Hernandez, MSW, CSW

About Wendy:

Wendy earned a BS in Social Work and a BA in Psychology from the University of Utah in 2022. Then, to top it all off, she secured her Master’s degree in Social Work a year later. Having wrapped up three degrees in two years, Wendy has set aside the books (for now) and joined our mental health team at Families First Pediatrics.

Outgoing and personable whether she’s speaking English or Spanish, Wendy is always looking for new experiences and the next adventure. Even Utah’s unpredictable weather and scattershot seasons are a welcome surprise on a weekend hike. You can find Wendy anywhere good tacos can be found, including her own kitchen.

Wendy is up to date on the latest in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mind-body bridging, solution-focused therapy, and is experienced in dialectical behavioral therapy. Beyond the techniques in which she’s trained, Wendy aims to provide compassion, tools, and a comfortable space for her patients to be seen, heard, and to explore their authentic selves. 




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BS, University of Utah, 2022
BA, University of Utah, 2022
MS, University of Utah, 2023




Parent Feedback

We started coming to family first in 2013. We moved away, but came back in 2020, and I knew exactly where to go back for my kids pediatric care. My favorite thing about Toby is that he talks to my kids. He makes them feel welcomed, important, and heard. He also takes the time with me and answers any of my crazy mom questions. Super thorough. You can’t go wrong at Family First. Whenever I had to run in with a sick kid, and Tony isn’t available, we have gotten excellent care by any of the doctors. I can’t think of ever having a bad experience.

—Tina Fraidenburg.

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