Families First Pediatrics Telehealth

Families First Telehealth Visits

Call our South Jordan office at (801) 254-9700 or Riverton office at (801) 987-8541 to schedule your virtual visit with a Families First Pediatrics Provider.  

If your child is sick, but unable to travel to the doctor’s office, Families First Telehealth lets you control when and how to see the doctor. Telehealth allows you speak with a pediatric provider online over a live video chat using your wireless device or computer’s camera and microphone without leaving your home. All audio and video footage recorded during your telehealth visit is private and secure. Families First Telehealth visits meet all federal patient privacy requirements.


What do I need?

You must have the following items to start a telehealth urgent care visit:

  1. A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a working camera and microphone
  2. An updated web browser (either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, most smartphone browsers work as well)
  3. Credit Card or Debit Card for payment

Simply call the office and our receptionists can make a telehealth appointment for you. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to start the visit. One of our staff members can guide you through any technical questions you have.


How much does it cost?

Majority of insurance companies support Telehealth visits. We always recommend you check with your health insurance provider to be sure.


What are the most common Telehealth conditions?

You can consider a telehealth visit for many of the same reasons for which you would see your pediatric provider, but it is generally best for more straight-forward illnesses or rashes. A more serious illness or complex problem should be addressed at a regular office visit.  In addition, because controlled substances will not be filled during a telehealth visit, routine med checks should generally be scheduled as regular visits. There are limitations to telehealth, the most important being that measuring vital signs and conducting thorough physical exam are not possible, which may be necessary to make an exact diagnosis. This is particularly true for younger or non-verbal patients.

During your telehealth visit, your provider can prescribe medications for you and send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. However, there are instances where prescribing certain medicines (such as an antibiotic) may not be appropriate if it doesn’t appear to be in your child’s best interest.

If it appears that, for a proper diagnosis, some quick labs need to be drawn (rapid strep, influenza, urinalysis) or a therapeutic shot (rocephin/decadron) given to confirm or treat the diagnosis, we can perform those procedures in the office at the discretion of the telehealth provider.  This can be done as a nurse visit at any FFP facility, typically taking less time as you will NOT need to be seen by a provider.


Who will treat me?

A designated provider from Families First Pediatrics will see you during your telehealth visit. If you would like an office visit with your primary care doctor, please call the office.


Can I use Families First Telehealth for myself or if we have never been seen at Families First Pediatrics?

Families First Telehealth is available for established patients under age 21. Please schedule separate appointments for each child you wish to receive care for. For legal reasons beyond our control, if you are not in the state of Utah when you want to be seen, we are unable to schedule a visit.