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teen smiling with Clarity Advanced Braces

Latest Innovations in Orthodontic Treatment

Discover the orthodontic revolution! Modern braces have evolved, offering sleeker, faster, and more comfortable options, including Invisalign and Clarity Advanced Clear Braces. Learn about the latest technology and retainer choices. Embrace a new era of orthodontics – read the article and make an informed decision for your smile!

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A little girl at a dentists' office looks at her teeth with a mirror.

Shark Teeth

“Shark Teeth” is a term used by dentists to describe new teeth growing behind baby teeth. If you notice that your child has shark teeth, here are a couple of tips for removal.

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A little girl brushes her teeth.

How do Cavities REALLY form? The (Gross) Truth

Explaining the whys and hows of good oral healthcare to children often results in describing a tooth monster. An alternative and effective technique to promote good oral hygiene is to break down how cavity formation happens. This post describes the process and how to avoid cavity formation.

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Two happy girls share watermelon.

Healthy Snacks, Healthy Teeth

Encouraging kids to eat during their mealtimes can be a challenge. Instead, children may eat more snacks throughout the day; however, eating too many can cause cavities. Being selective about snacks can reduce cavity formation.

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