Building Friendships Group for Girls Ages 10-13

Three adolescent girls chat at school.

Building Friendships Group

Your child will meet one evening per week for eight weeks with eleven
other girls to improve their mental health under the guidance of licensed counselors.
$ 30 or less per session*
  • Meet Tuesdays 5-6 PM
  • February 28th — April 25th
  • In Our South Jordan Office
Girls 10-13

Class Registration

Building Friendships for Girls 10-13 with Savannah Roll, LCSW

This group will focus on building friendships gradually, resolving conflicts when they come up, and managing emotions. Youth will also learn what healthy boundaries look like and how to honor them consistently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Class sizes are capped at 8, 10, or 12 participants. 

Yes, weekly attendance is needed to harness all of the benefits of the group, including relationship building, learning new skills, and talking about how practicing the new skills is going.
If your child is ten years old or older, you’re welcome to drop them off and come back in 45 minutes to pick them up. If they are under ten years old, we ask you to stay in the waiting room or in your car in the parking lot. Sometimes, despite age, the therapist will ask a parent to remain in the waiting room.
Yes, after the registration is completed and if there are no safety concerns.

Yes, please complete the form above. We’ll follow up and help you complete the necessary forms.

We accept most insurance plans. Check your specific plan or discuss self-pay rates and payment plans by calling or texting us at 801.515.5858