In addition to an in-office fluoride application, our dentists will perform a full oral health examination to verify healthy development. We also offer many other services that will put your infant on the right track to a beautiful smile, with the use of digital X-rays, high-quality views of teeth hidden under the surface of gums may be seen and treatment plans can be put in place to ensure healthy development.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit the dentist no later than the child’s first birthday. What an excellent way to begin the education needed to create a healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime!

Primary Teeth

It is so exciting to see your child getting their first set of teeth starting around 6 months of age. These are called primary teeth and they are very important as they act as markers for permanent teeth also known as secondary teeth. Primary teeth are a very important learning platform as children learn about dental hygiene. Just like permanent teeth, it is important that the primary teeth are protected by flossing and brushing regularly. Healthy primary teeth and hygiene habits directly impact gum health which will determine the strength and health of permanent teeth.

When your child is small it is your responsibility to care for your child’s teeth but as they grow older it is important to help them learn the art of flossing and brushing by themselves.

Schedule your first appointment for your baby. While you are here we will answer any questions you have and send you home with information to support your child’s healthy smile.

First Visit 

Your child’s teeth will begin peeking through around 6 months of age. When they begin to show, we are happy to provide information about the stages you will encounter. We recommend making your child’s first dental exam appointment around their first birthday.

Although it is inevitable that your child will lose their primary teeth and they will be replaced with permanent teeth, it is important that healthy habits are established early in order to promote a life-long healthy smile.

Ask our dentists about proper flossing and brushing techniques and things that will assist in creating a healthy smile.