Dental Sealants

Families First Pediatric Dentistry invites you to join the fight against cavities! For beautiful teeth and potential future cost savings preventative dentistry is very important. Dental sealants help a lot in preventing future cavities. A dental sealant is a composite material that matches the color of the tooth so it is not visible and the application is entirely pain-free. A sealant protects or ‘seals’ the pitted and grooved surfaces of a tooth to keep food from entering parts of the tooth that are difficult or impossible to clean.


Baby teeth, known as primary teeth, have large pulp chambers, where the nerves are located.  The protective layer of a tooth called Enamel is relatively thin compared to the pulp chambers of baby teeth. For this reason, it is common for cavities or decay to penetrate the enamel and reach the pulp. This can cause pain and the tooth could die if not treated in time. A pulpotomy can stop the pain and preserve the tooth. A pulpotomy is when a hole is drilled in the tooth’s enamel and the infected pulp is removed. A protective cap is then placed over the hole to preserve the remaining pulp and tooth.

Composite Fillings

We love preserving beautiful smiles by using composite fillings which are designed to match the natural color of the tooth. Composite fillings are made from a mixture of plastics and silica resins. Composite fillings are great for repairing small to medium-sized cavities.

Dental Crowns

In certain circumstances, a child’s tooth may be damaged to the point that a crown needs to be applied. A dental crown is a cap, shaped in the form of a tooth. The crown is placed over a tooth to prevent further damage or decay. There are a variety of materials that are used to construct crowns. Materials used, are selected by the dentist based on what will best meet the patient’s needs.

In Office Sedations

In order to perform needed dentistry on some patients that are extremely nervous or are unable to cooperate sedation dentistry is necessary to complete the work properly and make the experience as comfortable as possible. Talk to your dentist about sedation options at Families First Pediatric Dentistry. Our dentists have provided over 25,000 oral sedations throughout their time serving as pediatric dentists in Salt Lake County.

Sedation dentistry is a specialty that requires an additional 2-3 years of training in addition to the instruction pediatric specialists already receive in dental school. Professional continuing education courses, specific to sedation procedures and techniques are required every year.

Tooth Extractions

There are three main reasons for tooth extractions: 

  1. A tooth is decayed past the point of restoration
  2. Primary teeth are preventing permanent teeth from growing properly
  3. Preparation for braces

Before a tooth extraction, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area surrounding the tooth. A special device is then used to loosen the root of the tooth for safe and painless extraction.

Tongue Tie & Frenectomy

Laser Frenectomy Service

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Infant & Toddler Consultations

Dental hygiene is an essential part of ensuring that your infant grows into a healthy adult. For this reason, we offer consultation services to help ensure that your infant’s oral health is putting them on the path to having strong and healthy teeth.

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School Exams

Back-to-school means a full to-do schedule. Check your child’s dental exam off the list before school starts! Regular cleaning and exam visits every 6 months will help prevent expensive and time-demanding procedures such as filling cavities. During your child’s back-to-school visit the dentist may find it necessary to take x-rays to view the roots of the tooth and track development. Ask the dentist about sealants! Sealants are always a good idea as preventative dentistry. Sealants keep your child’s teeth protected from decay and cavities so their beautiful smile is maintained.

Back to school usually means sports! Your child’s mouth is growing and changing, chances are that their mouthguard from last year is too small and needs to be re-done. Be sure to ask about getting a new one!

If your child needs a school dental exam, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


Children are adventurous and at times, accident-prone. It happens. Give us a call if you have a dental emergency.

Consider the urgency of the situation. If you need help right away call 911.

If it can wait a bit longer (which is usually the case for a chipped tooth or a minor toothache), call our office and we will get an appointment scheduled.