Ryan Burt, DDS has lived in Utah for most of his life growing up in Sandy. He attended BYU for his undergrad receiving a degree in Biology. The first year of dental school was at the University of Utah and the rest was completed in Omaha, Nebraska at Creighton University. Ryan stayed in Omaha for his specialty training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Since completing training, he has worked in Texas and Utah. He is a board-certified pediatric dentist and affiliated with the AAPD, ADA and the UDA.

Ryan has always loved working with his hands whether it be playing the piano, drawing, woodworking, laying tile, renovating, making cakes (mostly for birthdays but he has made one wedding cake, definitely will not do that again). Being a dentist has been a way for Ryan to put some of his favorite things into practice. He garners much satisfaction from fixing things and helping kids get through tough things. When kids who are afraid make it through their visits and leave happy, he is thankful to have been a part of it.

Ryan and his wife Kim are raising 6 kids. Four boys round out the front half and 2 girls sweeten up the back end. Their family loves to be involved in sports. The older boys play basketball and football and the younger kids do soccer, music, dance, and gymnastics. In Ryan’s free time he enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, DIY and getting together with extended family. Ryan also has a couple dogs that teach him patience, love and loyalty, too.