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Healthy Sleep Habits for Kids and Babies from Families First Pediatrics in Utah

Creating Healthy Sleep Habits For Your Kids

As a parent, sleep loss is part of your life. But for your kids, losing sleep can seriously damage their…

Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied -

Signs Your Child May Be Getting Bullied

No parent wants to find out their child is being bullied. Worrying about your child’s safety is perfectly understandable, since…

Autism Council of Utah

Autism Resources

This is a great resource for all parents who are looking for more info and resources for autism and child…

Mental Health and Teens: What to Watch For?

Mental Health and Teens

Whether one wants to call it the terrific or terrible teens, the truth is adolescence can be a very trying…

Healthy Cooking and Meal Tips for Your Family -

Healthy Cooking and Meals Tips

Great link to ideas for healthy cooking and meals based on the Choose My Plate guidelines (aka food guide pyramid)….

Healthy Eating and Habits for Kids - Families First Pediatrics in Utah

Healthy Breakfast Tips for Kids

Ever feel like you’re rushing out the door to get the kids to school? Yea, us neither…;) Here some great…